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World of Coca-Cola

There is a museum dedicated to the history of the Coca-Cola company in Atlanta, Georgia, called The World of Coca-Cola. The original exhibit opened in 1990 in Underground Atlanta, and in May 2007 the new 20-acre complex was unveiled to the public. Places like Disney Springs and Las Vegas also include World of Coca-Cola themed shops.

Between the Georgia State Capitol and the Underground Atlanta shopping and entertainment district was where the first World of Coca-Cola opened in Atlanta, Georgia at 55 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The museum first welcomed visitors in 1990 and planned to stay open until 2007. In its first few years of operation, the original World of Coca-Cola welcomed almost nine million guests. It was Atlanta’s most popular indoor attraction until the Georgia Aquarium opened in 2009.

The idea for the museum came from a desire to preserve and share the narrative of Coca-Cola, which began in 1886. Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton developed a novel flavor syrup for a soft drink that quickly became a hit at this time. His business colleague and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, came up with the name Coca-Cola and created the iconic typeface.

Only a few steps from where John Pemberton came up with the original Coca-Cola formula is the new home of the Atlanta museum, located at 121 Baker Street. The 92,000 square foot structure debuted in 2007 after a $97 million buildout. Pemberton Place is the address of the company’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia (named in honor of John Pemberton, the inventor of Coca-Cola). There are other attractions inside the 20-acre complex, including the Georgia Aquarium and the Center for Civil & Human Rights, which are located just across Baker Street from Centennial Olympic Park. After moving and replacing the previous display, it first welcomed visitors in May 2007.

Visits to the museum can include tasting 60 different varieties of Coca-Cola from all around the world and viewing a 3D film in which a daring scientist and his assistant set out to discover the formula for themselves. There’s a bottling line inside that used to fill 8-ounce bottles of Coke and give them out to customers. Because of the high expense of keeping the plant operational, however, real-world operations were halted in 2013, and the facility has been operating in simulation mode ever since.

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