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Winter Park is a neighborhood in Orlando, Florida area, that offers a nice peek into ‘Old Florida’. The residential area started out as a kind of resort community for business elites during the 19th century. These business magnates established the area, expanding it to the nearby chain of lakes. The end result was a brilliant blend of European charm and New England village style homes. One of the most notable things about Winter Park is its quaint marketplaces.

What started out as a warm-weather retreat center for affluent northerners in the 19th century is now a well-established community with its unique charm. The sprawling neighborhood features stunning lakefront homes that are constructed along brick red tree-lined roads. The houses here are crafted in a way that helps to bring out the neighborhood’s aesthetics, while appreciating its lovely sub-tropical climate.

House designs range from ranchers mid-century models to Spanish and Victorian-inspired homes. You can find single floor to multiple-floor house plans cutting across these house styles. Interestingly, the neighborhood of Winter Park has the highest number of buildings registered in the National Register of Historic Places in Orlando. One such space to visit has to be the Hannibal Square Heritage Center. This place pays special tribute to the Hannibal Square historic African-American community.

Park Avenue is a great space that beckons to all nature lovers. It is lined with chic cafes and upscale boutiques. Country club mums and Rollins College students stroll on this street casually. Residents gather at Central Park for occasional community events and art festivals. If you are an arts buff, you can visit the Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, where they can browse through the art of icons such as Louis Comfort Tiffany. To get the ideal glimpse of the neighborhood’s waterfront, you can hop on a boat tour (most of them take about an hour to complete) which happens along a long chain of Florida lakes.

While Winter Park is seemingly for wealthy residents, there are a couple of modest and really affordable housing options. Such houses can be found near the Hannibal Square area, with pricier options being found near the Winter Park Village Mall.

A lovely space to visit would be Winter Park Community Center. This venue is opened every day of the week. There are seasonal camps, adult programs, after-school programs, as well as senior programs that cater to the needs of Winter Park residents. The community center also features a banquet space, a community pool, a fitness center, as well as an outdoor amphitheater. It is a perfect destination for a family’s day out.

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