Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Windermere Orlando FL

Windermere is a luxurious Orlando suburb that is known for its high number of celebrity residents. This neighborhood is only a couple of miles from Orlando’s town center, which means that commuting to work will not be a hustle. Residents wake up to beautiful mornings surrounded with immaculate landscapes and picturesque lakes.

Windermere is quiet and highly exclusive, home to only about 3,000 residents. It is known for its exquisite and gorgeous houses that lie along stunning waterfronts. It is not a wonder that it appeals to celebrities. If you are looking to raise your family in a great community with a sense of privacy, the Windermere is the place to be.

The neighborhood of Windermere is more of two towns; there is a sleepy village that extends for approximately on miles. This part of Windermere has deep ties to the citrus history of Florida. As you get to the western part of Windermere, you will find the fast-growing ‘Winder-Near’ community. This metropolis features apartments, town homes, condos, churches, hospitals, strip malls, and other social amenities.

Windermere directly translates to ‘among the Lakes’. There is a clutch of private businesses that line the neighborhood’s main street. As you get into the region’s interiors, you will find dirt roads lined with lots of leafy trees. It is in such sides of the neighborhood that you will come across ancient bungalows that seem to be mismatched side by side. Windermere mostly lies on the shores of an assortment of lakes connected by visually-appealing canals.

There are tons of high-profile celebrities that call Windermere home. Notable residents, both current and former, include Tiger Woods and Shaquille O’Neal. Windermere is known as the oasis for privacy, appealing to individuals who like leading quiet lifestyles. If you want a residential area that offers you incredible waterfront views, large private yards, and an easy commute to Orlando’s main town center without necessarily dwelling in the busy bustle of the city, then Windermere is the place for you.

While Windermere is relatively small, its amenities are plentiful. There are numerous options where you can grab a quick breakfast on your way to work, have lunch with your friends, go for shopping sprees with your kids, and so much more. If you would like to explore some more, be sure to visit other Orlando suburbs, which are only a few minutes away from Windermere. This is indeed the place to be if you are looking for a residential area that strikes a unique blend between city life and a quiet profile.

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