Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation South Eola District Orlando FL

South Eola is an Orlando, FL, neighborhood that is known as the ‘Heart of Downtown’. It offers residents the best of both worlds; a suburban lifestyle, coupled with modern, urban living. South Eola District melds into the stunning Thomson Park.

The beauty of South Eola is that residents get to enjoy a lake right within their neighborhood. Here, it is not unusual to see stylishly-dressed business elites, urban hikers, and youngsters doing their daily activities. Lake Eola, the neighborhood’s biggest flex, is home to the iconic Lincoln E. Allen Memorial Fountain. While here, be sure to hop on one of those swan-shaped pedal boats available for renting, and get up-close and personal with the swans on the lake.

Another interesting thing about South Eola is that it is where the famous Walt Disney Amphitheater is found. At the amphitheater, visitors will be treated to incredible open-air performances. There is also a weekly farmers market (on Sundays) where residents can purchase locally available handicrafts and groceries. The nearby Thomson Park is one of the most LGBTQ friendly spaces in Orlando, FL area.

Construction of this community started nearly 3 decades ago. The plans were transforming the existing rundown homes into lovely domicile houses built along brick red roads. While there are a couple of historic homes, modern, chic establishments are also available, and they happen to be majorly coveted in the area. Residents here are big on community building, and they do their best to support local businesses such as boutiques, eateries, salons, and many more.

South Eola is known as one of Orlando’s most walkable neighborhoods, stretching to an area that includes the Lake Eola Park and Constitution Green. Constitution Green has the only off-leash dog park in the area. In the neighborhood, there are approximately 2,500 residents, dwelling in a mixture of single-family homes, townhouses, apartment building, and high-rise condos.

In South Eola, you will enjoy an easy commute to your workplace given its proximal location. It is also the closest Orlando neighborhood to the downtown attractions such as the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. If you are looking for a place to sip your craft cocktails, be sure to visit the Stubborn Mule, which can be found in the Star Tower building. Hang out with your friends at the Eola Wine Company, and be sure to grab their weekend brunch offers.

There are about 10 bus stops from the Central Florida Regional Transit Authority in this neighborhood. The freeways that are closest to South Eola District include I-4, and FL-408 Toll. Students here can study at Lake Eola Charter School or the highly-ranked Edgewater High School.

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