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SoDo District is the heart of South Orange County. SoDo (South of Downtown in full) acts as the neighborhood’s main centerpiece, and it lies just a few minutes away from Orlando’s Downtown. Here, there are tons of dining, shopping, and commercial options that caters to Orlando residents from all walks of life. SoDo is a residential enclave that flaunts a beautiful combination of contemporary and classic houses.

Michigan Street Center and Orange Avenue supports attractive services and small businesses such as the Hungry Pants café, and the Foreign Accents’ home furnishings. Timucua is a reasonably-priced small concert house that is set up within a home. It appeals to an assortment of musicians, performers, and entertainers, who flock here for intimate concerts. There are a couple of artsy elements that help to spice up the neutral architecture of the neighborhood.

The housing options in SoDo are as diverse as the locals who dwell here. The region is home to some of the oldest buildings in Orlando, Florida, with homes in Lake Davis, Lake Cherokee, and Greenwood being listed in the Nationla Register of Historic Sites. The recently-established modern houses in SoDo blend in perfectly with the older home models, complementing the entire region’s aesthetics. The rentals here are in high demand given SoDo’s proximity to Downtown Orlando, large emplooyers, highway ramps, light rails, among others.

SoDo’s building are quite interesting. It is not unusual to find businesses established in the region’s highly-coveted mission-styled homes. Brick streets are a major standout in the SoDo neighborhood. Older houses are priced between $300k and $600k. Newer establishments go for about $700k, while the newest establishments can hit the $1M mark.

Kids in the neighborhood can get quality education at Blanker K-8, a leading institution with an impressive performance record since the early 2000’s. At Boone High School, students can get an array of magnet courses in Law, fiancé, and criminal justice. Shopping enthusiasts can shop until they drop at the SoDo Shopping Complex. Nature lovers will enjoy their outdoor fun at the Lake Beauty Park. With extensive walking trails and nature paths, you will get to enjoy a plethora of outdoor related activities for both kids and adults.

Over the years, SoDo has emerged as a well-established neighborhood that is appealing to different types of residents. If you want to settle in a residential area that is as diverse as they come, then SoDo is definitely your most ideal option.

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