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To the north of Atlanta lies the affluent community of Roswell. You can see that the locals place value on historical preservation simply by looking about and noticing how modern structures coexist with older ones. In addition to the exciting nightlife and hip eateries. Several of Roswell’s walking tours feature the town’s rich history and the stunning scenery to be seen along the city’s many trails.

In the Roswell Historic District, Old Mill Park is one of the city’s most attractive spots. Visitors can get up close to Vickery Creek and its dam while also learning about the park’s interpretive walk’s focus on Roswell’s historic mill ruins.

Roswell has a wide variety of restaurants for visitors to choose from. Nonetheless, central Roswell offers the most options and is the most charming setting. A variety of restaurants serving up delicious meals can be found on this charming strip in Roswell. There are a lot of different dining options to pick from, such as tapas, sushi, pub food, Cajun, Mexican, and wine bars. The evening crowds at the restaurants tend to gather at the establishments’ outdoor tables. Live music can be found at several of the eateries as well.

Roswell has a rich history that can be learned about in an entertaining way on the town’s famous Ghost Tour. Weekly tours are available. On this mile-long stroll, you’ll pass by both grand Greek revival houses and modest mill worker’s quarters, both of which are rumored to be haunted. The tours are cheaply priced, making them a great option for a fun and unique date.

The Honduran consulate in Atlanta, Georgia may be found in Roswell at 600 Houze Way, Suite 3. Wellstar North Fulton Hospital, Kimberly-Clark, the City of Roswell, and Harry’s Farmers Market are the city’s top employers. Several major technology companies, including Kimberly Clark, have established operations or administrative hubs along a stretch of Route 400 between Roswell and Atlanta, which has come to be known as the high tech corridor. In a 2006 census, 1,500 of Roswell’s 5,000 businesses were reported as being run out of the home. Technology, retail, wholesale, food services, healthcare, and commerce were the most populous economic activities.

Prior to its incorporation into Fulton County, the Roswell area was a part of Cobb County, and the county seat of Marietta was a four-hour (one-way) horseback ride to the west. Roswell citizens wanted to have their own government, so they petitioned the Georgia State Legislature to incorporate the town as a city. On the 2nd of February, 1854, the charter was granted.

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