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Orlando, Florida (Sunshine State), offers residents several options when it comes to matters housing. Orlando is undoubtedly an exciting city with a lot of great communities to settle in. One such neighborhood is Lake Nona. Lake Nona is in Central Florida, in close proximity with Orlando International Airport. The community can be considered a part of the City of Orlando, and it offers locals a perfect blend between technology and wellness.

Lake Nona is established on the site of what was once a new hospital (Florida Hospital East) just outside Orlando. When things did not go as planned, construction for the Lake Nona community kicked off in the early 1960’s. The 100-acre piece of land on which it was constructed was right next to Carter Road. Later, this land was re-designated and incorporated by the Florida Legislature, becoming the Lake Nona community we know today.

By the time it was getting to the early 2000’s development of affordable houses, schools, hospitals, parks, and other societal amenities had already began in the area. The aim was establishing a solid neighborhood that would end up being one of Orlando’s most desirable living spaces.

If you are in search of a place to hang out with family and friends, be sure to visit the Lake Nona Town Center. While here, try out the meals at Wave hotel, a fine dining option featuring a sculpture garden. Boxi Park is also an incredible recreational park that is usually opened at select times. Here, there is a performance stage as well as tons of food stalls.

One thing that Lake Nona is known for is the fact that it is home to the largest U.S. Tennis Association’s National Campus in the country. This is a research-based medical facility that has a 130,000 sq. ft. fitness center featuring a yoga zone designed by the renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra. Lake Nona hosts the yearly Impact Forum conference, attracting world leaders in technology, health, and medicine.

As the Lake Nona developers (Travistock Development Company) were establishing the community, their main focus was bettering the lives of Orlando residents through innovation and community collaboration. If you take a close look at the community, you will notice that everything about the neighborhood’s design has been implemented, starting from fitness to health, right to education and technology. If you choose to live in Lake Nona, best believe that you will be inspired to live as healthily as possible, both physically and mentally.

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