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In the late 90’s, Disney started building a new urban community, with the aim of establishing an affordable neighborhood well-endowed with social amenities and green spaces. Two decades later, Celebration was born. However, despite meeting all the expectations that Disney had, the company bowed out, leaving the once affordable residential one of the more expensive neighborhoods in Orlando, FL.

Brick streets and art-deco buildings dot the Celebration neighborhood. Ancient movie theaters and cute boutique stores give the region a unique 1950’s vibe. One notable thing with Celebration is that the houses are constructed in close proximity with the sidewalks, and they come with porches. Every day in Celebration is simply magical. Alias ‘The American Dream Town’, Celebration is built on a set of principles that help shape it. Two of the cornerstones that define Celebration include the provision of top-notch quality education, and fostering a sense of neighborliness and community.

Today, Celebration is home to over 11,000 residents. The number of social amenities, shopping areas, and schools has also increased significantly. The town is located in Kissimmee, an old city that has tons of ranches. At Celebration, you can expect to get a perfect balance between urban and small-city vibes. While the houses are mostly old-school in their external features, their interiors are pretty modern, featuring chic electrical outlets and open kitchens. Celebration is also just a short drive from Disney World!

In celebration, you can get houses within the $200,000 range. Most of these houses are contemporary-style townhomes, craftsman modest-style houses, and condos. There are as upscale houses whose price can get as high as $4M. The mid-range houses are priced at about $1M. in this Orlando neighborhood, there are plenty of rustic French homes, Victorian houses, as well as coastal establishments. For a formal aesthetic, Celebration offers residents Colonial Revival houses as well as Mediterranean settlements with intricate details and exquisite finishes.

Schools in Celebration are well-ranked, with students scoring above the state average in test scores as well as students’ progress. These schools offer kids special programs, including chorus and robotics. Athletics here are guided by a ‘Kids come first and winning comes second’ mentality and philosophy. There are over 20 sports options available to children, including water polo, lacrosse, and bowling. If you would like to take your kids to an excellent private school, be sure to head to Celebration Academy, Montessori School of Celebration, or Foreign Language Immersion Preparatory Academy.

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