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Baldwin Park is an Orlando, FL, neighborhood that blends in contemporary comforts and historic charm effortlessly. This community is established on top of what was once a military base, and its design is meant for it to look chic, and picturesque, while still giving off a conservative vibe. One of the neighborhood’s main streets is New Broad Street, where high-rise apartments and high-end condos are aplenty. Baldwin Park appeals to youngies who love gathering around to snack on Asian-rolled ice cream or even sip the night away.

Baldwin Park is not only a trendy neighborhood, but also a residential area whose historical roots run deep. Between 1940 and 1968, Baldwin Park served as a base for Army Air Corps and the Air Force, before being converted into a naval training center in the 1970’s. Today, Baldwin Park has transformed into a quintessential American neighborhood that is home to thousands of friendly residents.

The Baldwin Park neighborhood is known for one thing; its visually appealing houses knitted between green spaces and extensive parks. There region features plant life, local critters, and tree-lined sidewalks. The urbanism flair here complements the diverse home styles in the neighborhood, including French Coastal, Colonial, Victorian, and Mediterranean designed homes. The houses here are arranged in a sort of compact grid. Gentle loops and curvy streets help compliment the small yard density houses here, giving off a cozy, yet small-town vibe.

Baldwin Park is a HOA-governed neighborhood whose house prices start at approximately $450,000 if you are in search of a townhouse that was constructed early in the 2000’s. If you are seeking lower-priced homes, you could check out the houses that lie around the neighborhood’s edges. Most of these are old ranch-style bungalows and houses constructed between the 1960’s and 1970’s. Their price range is between $300,000 and $625,000. This is an ideal option for folks who want to live far from the bustling city life, but still want to enjoy that sense of community togetherness. For people who want a sort of ‘affluent’ lifestyle, there are plenty of waterfront properties and single-family homes in the $800,000 and $3.5M range.

Nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts will really love Baldwin Park, as the residential area flaunts miles of nature trails where they can jog or take their furry buddies for walks. As the name suggests, Baldwin Park has numerous parks to offer residents. One such space is Blue Jacket Park, a 55-acre must-visit park. Blue Jacket Park is more of a field and track complex. It features extensive picnic areas, two kids playing grounds, tennis courts, basketball courts, large lawns, and lighted baseball fields. Baldwin Park is also a haven for foodies. This is especially true on New Broad Street, where you can find the famous Village Center.

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