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Atlanta History Center

Located in Atlanta area, Georgia’s Buckhead neighborhood, the Atlanta History Center is both a museum and a research facility dedicated to the city’s past. The Atlanta History Center and Museum was established in 1926 for that such purpose. After decades of gathering, studying, and sharing knowledge about Atlanta and its environs, the organization changed its name to Atlanta History Center in 1990.

Now, there are nine permanent exhibits and a number of rotating ones. On its 33-acre campus, the Atlanta History Center preserves and displays a number of historic gardens and residences, such as the Smith Farm, Swan House, and Wood Family Cabin.

The Margaret Mitchell House and Museum is part of the Atlanta History Center’s Midtown Campus. The History Center’s Kenan Research Center features 3.5 million materials, including a replica of historian Franklin Garrett’s office. The Atlanta History Center is home to a significant number of Civil War artifacts.

With its humble beginnings as an archival-focused historical society, the Atlanta History Museum has expanded over the years to include a wide variety of programming, four historic mansions, 33 acres of managed Goizueta Gardens, and numerous permanent and rotating exhibitions.

The International Coalition of Sites of Conscience is the only global network of historic sites, museums, and memory programs that bridges the gap between historical struggles and contemporary movements for human rights, and the Atlanta History Center is a proud member of this network.

The mission of the Atlanta History Center is to bring together history, culture, and the community. The Center for Civil and Human Rights in the Americas uses its buildings, collections, exhibitions, activities, and publications to preserve and explain the history of Atlanta and its surrounding areas, and to communicate that history to Atlanta’s many audiences.

In the Atlanta History Center, recycling is done routinely. Cans, bottles, and other small things can be recycled in the many bins strategically positioned around the property. You can recycle office supplies like paper and envelopes as well as poster board and old newspapers and magazines.

Produce scraps from Souper Jenny are mixed with animal waste from Smith Farm in a compost scheme developed by the Goizueta Gardens crew since 2017. All across the grounds of the Atlanta History Center, the compost is being used to help clay soils and struggling plants.

To keep pests at bay in Goizueta Gardens, AHC works to improve the quality of the soil and grows pest-resistant plants. The Center’s employees conduct daily checks of the live collections, looking for signs of pests and diseases, keeping an eye on current problem areas, and reevaluating the most effective methods of intervention. They prioritize the use of physical measures and only resort to chemical ones when all other options have been exhausted.

Integrative Pest Management (IPM) aids in preserving plant health while also protecting the surrounding ecosystem and cutting costs. Staff workers there are Sentinel Plant Network members, therefore they have received education and training in the early detection of plant pests and diseases with significant agricultural impacts.

In order to better fulfill their goal, the Atlanta History Center has made upgrades to its HVAC, lighting, and air conditioning systems, resulting in a nearly 25% annual reduction in energy consumption.

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